Why old media always loses, part MMMMMCL

Last night, I was checking out Hulu (no link for those idiots) on my office PC and was happy to see a show I watch had a new episode. So I went upstairs, hooked up the tablet to the TV and got ready to watch.

But the new episode wasn't showing.

Heck, the whole show was completely MIA.

After muttering "WTF" a few times, I drilled down into my options in the Hulu app and saw each thumbnail for that show read "Web Only".

I am not making this up. I am allowed to watch a show on my computer, but I am not allowed to watch that same show on my tablet. Both using the same IP address and the same (paid) account, so presumably at home (not, god forbid, daring to watch a show while commuting or at a friend's house).

How exactly does this help anyone? The producers, the actors, the fans, Hulu? Who gains from this bullshit? Nobody.

The people making deals at old media companies need to retire already and put people who actually get the internet in charge.

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