Cloudera Hadoop training

I just attended a three-day Hadoop training course and learned a lot. Glynn is a very good instructor and knows the system very well. I strongly recommend the course to anyone interested in writing data-processing software built on Hadoop (I didn't attend the system/operations session, so I can't speak to its usefulness to ops folks). And not just for the course materials, either, because so much of it is already available online: it's a great opportunity to block out three whole days to focus on learning a new technology, and that's not something I've been able to do since graduate school. So yay for the course, and yay for my employer for seeing its value and sending two of their engineers to learn new things.

Speaking of my employer, maybe you are or know someone with experience in data processing, data warehousing, Hadoop and similar technologies? If so, let me know.

(yes, I took the certification test, which was harder than Glynn had led me to believe, and passed) (yay)

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