Personalize like it's 1995

This is what I see on Hulu when I'm not logged in:

And this is what I see when I am logged in:

Notice the difference? Me neither. I've never watched Cougar Town or any of the other shows on the home page. I never watch clips--only full-length episodes. And I only ever watch one show on Hulu--Law and Order SVU. Nothing else, ever. Personalizing my home page to my tastes would be completely trivial: just add a link to the last show I watched. They don't need a $1M recommendation algorithm to pull shows I may want to watch--just a list of shows I've watched in the past would be nice.

I wonder what Hulu's engagement metrics look like. I know every web site has priorities to juggle, and maybe recommendations aren't at the top of that list. But engagement and stickiness are crucial to all ad-supported sites, and especially media sites. So why isn't Hulu trying a little harder to get me to engage with their site by giving me ways to get to the shows I want?

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